Among Wolves


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Ryan Hamilton
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Ryan Hamilton Still love this song. Intro plus first explosion....that's about as good as you can do it...but this song, like the rest of them, so diverse. It's a journey. Strap in. Favorite track: Passing lights.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT C'est sûr, Among wolves ne donne pas envie d'aller jouer à la marelle ni de sauter à la corde...Encore que, pour la corde, faudrait voir...Lasciate ogni speranza ! Favorite track: Fences & thieves.
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Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Franck HUESO at Studio 4 (October 2007) and Mix'em All Studio (November 2007).

All songs written by APPOLLONIA.
Lyrics written by Vincent MERY.

Vincent MERY / Guitars & Vocals
Olivier GRIVEL / Bass & Vocals
Christophe RICHON / Drums


released April 15, 2008




APPOLLONIA Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Passing lights
“Passing lights”

The roaring sound of passing cars sings the song of modern life
And it squeals and lingers on the wind
And with a mouth full of dirt it comes and it stings
Reminding us of what we are
Screaming at us we’ve gone too far
But is this all we’ve become?
A succession of passing lights running upon the asphalt’s charm
Racing towards what we all know… consumerism key-in-hand
Slowly being expropriated of our own lives by faceless lines

Seize the chance kid, to become a walking commercial
Seize the chance kid… and cheer up, cheer up!

Because every day teaches us there are barriers to cross and crosses to bear
If their weight melts the line between justice and revenge
Should we care?
Would you care?
Because I won’t.
I learnt our pain matches their game, so to claim both now is legitimate.
Track Name: Fences & thieves
“Fences & thieves”

We fenced our own hearts with things we thought right
Ignoring the thieves were already inside
This monster lives on, we ignore its insides
So what chance do we have to tear it apart?
To burn all the lies or embrace them with pain?
To feel all the guilt and to feel all the shame?
I never want to feel… like I’m lost in their hands
Like I’m dancing with them, like I’m dancing with them…
Track Name: The choir of the blond grin
“The choir of the blond grin”

See the whore on the side with the mescaline eyes
See the pool of blood in which she gave birth
To a nation of grandeur and majesty
To a nation of strangers to one another

But the dust in our pockets will turn to rust
The streets will soon become our tombs

Same old faces from back in the day
Preach to the choir of the blond grin
Blue white and red above the assembly
Never to save us from our lethargy

Age old disease of the human kind
A burning desire to belong and to buy
Wolves that dine in the throne room
Wiped out the feeling of having a heart

But the dust in our pockets will turn to rust
The streets will soon become our tombs
And in this doom I feel relief
I hope to live to see us die
Track Name: My mausoleum
“My mausoleum”

I’m bound to this end
Little man you are a snake
Hissing behind me
Whispering your words to my ear

Severance from your plastic skin
A taste of freedom raped
Ecstasy wrapped agony
Forever to be carried with me

You are my mausoleum
Track Name: In virgin dirt
“In virgin dirt”

Wrap me up in virgin dirt, burry me here so I can stay
I wanna dream some more and go through your thoughts
I wanna taste your soil and die some more
I wanna build a portrait of the ones I abhor
I wanna throw it out with you
Erase all trace of former self cause I’m a selfish bastard covered in blood
And I’d love to see how it would look on you
In your jukebox mouth, between your sheets and in your crotch
Let’s paint this room red right now
Let’s send all of this shit on the neighbor’s floor
Let’s burn your memories one by one
Let’s burn my memories one by one
Let’s see if it cleans our lives of the pain of doubt
Let’s build our lives on virgin dirt
Let’s build our lives on what we are
And forever desert what we were
Track Name: By Saint Cecilia's side
“By St. Cecilia’s side”

Come to me, will you, endlessly
My swarms of angels in melodies
Since age eight you’ve been my dearest company
And yet I love the way you always bled me

A mirror for the soul to pour into
The stage being set seems cruel
The healer hides behind a broken mask
The down and beaten reach for hearts

And in these moments, there is none but you
So let’s share more than words and leave this earth

Because I love the way you tend to bleed me

Come to me and burn this pain
One last time
This is my prayer
This is...
Track Name: Sunset boulevard
“Sunset boulevard”

Days go by and this feeling of loss
Sticks to my skin like flesh to the bones
What if I was
Stuck between doubt and fear of my thoughts?

Ho my guiding light where have we lost track?

Is this a sign of modern times?
Questions in mind, no answers in sight
Confusion is
The response I had to all of my cries

Ho my guiding light I crave for your glow now

… while I walk my way down Sunset Boulevard.
Track Name: Wolves #3
“Wolves #3”

Stop the deviant current, we float downwards, it’s time to breath
Way too much noise down here, it’s time to reach for higher peaks
No directions light the crossroad, a sparkle of hope is just enough
To set ablaze these confused squares, to set ablaze these confused squares…
Track Name: Dogma

-“He was a good man” they said… full of faith
-“But you who speak know not… the stench of the soul”
-“He was a good man” they said… full of faith
“Asked God himself what was the worth of the man
… And he was a good man he said… full of faith”
-“But did God spoke up that day? He the blamer, he the judge, did he say a fuckin’ word? Or did he just close eyes…?”

-“He was a good man” they said… “One of those
You can rely on, when the will to live abandons your soul
A man of virtue, the valuable friend
The role model that guides you in every one of your steps
Oh what he offers… to our community
So much love, strength, hope and faith it’s all, so inspiring…
And we love him… for what he is.
For the chills, pains, joys and cries and all that he brings
Because to this… we relate.”

-“… and as an outside observer, I feel cold
Helpless to witness blind faith in a man
Sure we all feel this need to relate to something
And as human as it gets, all of us are the same
We all have our personal saviors, any shape they may take
But to walk in their shade is to die in their hands.

Close your eyes and reach for your lights…for yourself, by yourself
Every truth hides a lie, every dogma confines.”